Among the giants of the PC industry, there were an innumerable number of manufacturers that never achieved name recognition. Computer Shopper magazines, a staple of 90s computing enthusiasts, are littered with thousands of ads from these small companies looking to break into the frenzied pace of the PC sales market. We want to celebrate these often completely forgotten relics of the past, whose history may contain hidden gems and incredible stories.



MicroGram MG1119

MicroGram Computer, also called MG, was started in Hong Kong in 1981 as a PC parts importer.

Namco PC

Namco 6x86

When first seeing the AT keyboard connector at back, along with a 5.25″ floppy drive, we thought this was probably a 486 machine. The emblem on front of case bears the name “naMco” which we can’t yet find any info about. However, this computer packs a punch with a IBM 6×86 PR200+ CPU and 32MB of RAM. It sports a USRobotics Sportster 33.6K internal ISA modem as well.

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