Packard Bell

Packard Bell was known for its focus on affordability and ease of use, making its computers accessible to a wide range of customers. Packard Bell’s marketing campaigns in the 1990s emphasized the simplicity and affordability of their computers, making it a popular choice for consumers looking to purchase their first PC. This was exemplified in their Navigator shell, which provided an easy-to-use interface to Windows graphically styled like a household. Packard Bell and NEC merged in 1996 as they struggled to hold market share against competitors like eMachines and Compaq.




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Platinum 2220

The Packard Bell Platinum series was packed with multimedia features for the ultimate home family computer. This machine sits in a 1990s golden age of home family computers, with the ease of use of Windows 95 and popularity of online services (namely AOL) with early WWW but before broadband was a concept.

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