MicroGram MG1119

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ManufacturerMicroGram Computer
Date of production~1996
Date added to collectionApril 2024


MicroGram Computer, also called MG, was started in Hong Kong in 1981 as a PC parts importer and eventually expanded into building consumer PCs for the worldwide market. Their website is still online, but they have currently no presence in the USA. They established offices in the greater Asia area, including Thailand. This particular model, the MG1119, was built there.

This is one of the last AT-based consumer PCs before the industry move to ATX. Dating this system accurately is difficult, as there is little-to-no information about this era of MicroGram available on the Internet. The AMD K5 PR100 CPU was released in June of 1996, but the Gateway 2000 56K modem was not available until near the end of 1997. It’s possible that the modem was a later upgrade by a previous owner, so this system was likely built between the latter half of 1996 and the beginning of 1997.

The motherboard utilizes a Dallas DS12887A RTC (real-time clock) that has an onboard lithium battery. These have a typical lifespan of 15 – 20 years. The motherboard, however, is also designed to accommodate the DS12885 RTC that uses an external coin cell lithium battery.


MotherboardBiostar MB-8500TVX Rev 2.1
CPUAMD K5 PR100 (Socket 7)
Power supplyPanstar PS-2000P 200W (AT)
HDD (original)Western Digital Caviar 11000 1.05 GB (Ultra ATA/66)
FDDSony MPF920-1 3.5″ 1.44 MB
Optical driveSony CDU311 8X CD-ROM (Ultra ATA/33)
Video cardCardExpert S3D ViRGE VGA (PCI)
Sound cardCreative Labs SoundBlaster 32 CT-3600 (ISA)
ModemGateway 2000 Telepath x2 56K (ISA)
Operating system (original)Microsoft Windows 95




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