Sun SPARCclassic

Exhibit 007

ManufacturerSun Microsystems
Date of production1993
Date added to collectionJuly 2023
Original MSRP$4295


The SPARCclassic was born out of Sun’s Entry Systems Group. They were tasked with creating a mass-produced, affordable workstation. This was the first model to use their new microSPARC processor, a 50 MHz RISC CPU that promised similar-or-better performance than a 66 MHz 486 x86 CPU. The SPARCclassic sported a diminutive footprint called the “lunchbox” form factor along with the lowest MSRP for any workstation at the time. These were deployed by the hundreds of thousands and were commonly used in businesses, ISPs, and research institutions. Sun also released different versions of the Classic, like the SPARCstation LX with accelerated graphics and a server version with more storage.


CPUSun 50 MHz microSPARC
RAM32 MB (16 MB originally)
HDD (original)207 MB SCSI
FDDSony MP-F17W-P2 3.5″
Optical driveNone
Video card
Sound card
Display (original)Sun 15″ CRT
Operating system (original)Sun Solaris 2.1



Reigniting the SPARC

Follow along as we completely restore the Sun SPARCclassic.


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