IBM NetVista A21i

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ModelNetVista A21i
Serial number2254-1199917
Date of productionSeptember 2001
Date added to collectionOctober 2023


The NetVista series was IBM’s follow-up to the “PC” or “Personal Computer” series, and was in production from May 2000 until May 2004 when it was replaced by ThinkCentre. The NetVista was IBM’s first consumer line to feature all-black color schemes for the components, as the iMac had increased the demand for more stylized products. IBM tapped Richard Sapper, the designer of the ThinkPad, to create the sleek, matte black design for the NetVista.

NetVista was IBM’s self-admitted attempt to revitalize its personal computer division. IBM launched NetVista with a $100 million marketing campaign as part of their Edge of Network (EON) strategy meant to promote IBM solutions for technology beyond the PC. This was during a time of massive growth of the Internet’s user base, and the PC was increasingly being seen as simply a portal to the global network.

The A21i had an IBM Type designation of 2254 and was marketed as a PC with “powerful, proven technology for performance on a budget.” It was in production from September 18, 2001 until April 2002.


Machine type2254-G06
MotherboardUniversal Scientific Industrial Pro300A_AFP
CPUIntel Celeron 1.0 GHz (Socket PGA370)
Power supplyAstec AA21480 155 W
HDD (original)40 GB (EIDE)
FDD3.5″ 1.44 MB
Optical driveTEAC CD-W516EC 16X/10X/40X CD-RW (IDE)
Video cardIntel 810E GMCH (onboard)
Sound cardAnalog Devices SoundMAX (onboard)
ModemConexant HCF 56K V.90 (PCI)
Network cardIntel PRO/100 VE (onboard)
DisplayIBM E74M 17″ (CRT)
KeyboardIBM Rapid Access IIIe (USB)
MouseIBM ScrollPoint III (USB)
Operating systemMicrosoft Windows ME




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