Apple Macintosh Classic II

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ModelMacintosh Classic II
Date of productionLate 1991
Date added to collectionFeb 2023


The Macintosh Classic II was the successor to the original Classic model which at that point was the fastest-selling Macintosh model of all time. The Classic II retained many of the same features as the original, but with double the clock speed thanks to its Motorola 68030 CPU. Apple offered the model in two configurations: 2 MB of memory with a 40 MB hard drive (“2/40”), or 4 MB of memory with an 80 MB hard drive (“4/80”).

The performance of these machines, despite their diminutive appearance, was nothing to scoff at. They were as fast or faster than 386-based PCs of the time, and were often the system of choice for educational institutions.

The Classic II was also known as the Performa 200, and sported some minor changes for the Performa model line.


CPUMotorola 68030 16 MHz (QFP)
RAM4 MB (2 MB (onboard), 2 MB (30-pin SIMM))
HDD (original)80 MB (SCSI-1)
FDDSony MP-F75W-01G 3.5″ 1.44 MB
Video cardOnboard
Sound cardOnboard (8-bit 22 kHz)
Display (original)9″ (monochrome CRT)
Operating system (original)System 7.0.1



Part 2: System 7 installation

Part 2 in our Classic II series focuses on the results of the restoration and the long-awaited installation of System 7.0.1.

Part 1: Hardware Restoration

Check out the first power on, teardown, and restoration process for the Classic II.


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