Ambra T466I/VL

Exhibit 019

Date of production1994
Date added to collectionApril 2023


The Ambra T466I/VL was called one of the fastest 486 PCs available in early 1994. This model, the minitower version of the D466I/VL, contained a number of innovative features. The expansion slots were located on a “riser card,” which had ISA slots and one VESA slot from the factory, but could be upgraded to a riser card with PCI slots. The system was “Pentium-ready” as well, and supported the Pentium OverDrive processors.


MotherboardBCM (unknown model)
CPUIntel 486DX2-66MHz (Socket 3)
RAM16 MB (72-pin SIMM)
Power supplyDelta Electronics, Inc. DPS-200PB-8 204.5 W
HDD (original)440 MB
FDDYE DATA YD-702B-6037B 3.5″ 1.44 MB
Optical driveLMSI (Philips) Type CM 206 (Proprietary interface)
Video cardDiamond Viper VLB 2MB (VESA)
Sound cardMedia Vision Pro Audio Spectrum 16 (ISA)
ModemCardinal 19.2 kbps (ISA)
Display (original)14″ (CRT)
Operating system (original)Microsoft MS-DOS 6.2
Microsoft Windows 3.1



The Forgotten PC Brand from IBM

Explore the history of a little-known subsidiary of IBM known as Ambra.

Epic Restoration

Watch as we refurbish, repair, and clean the Ambra T466I/VL. We also install MS-DOS 6.2 and Windows 3.1, along with the original Ambra restore diskettes.


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